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Concept:A small act of giving can sometimes do wonders. Academic research proves that in giving, the heart is nourished and kindled with pleasure and achieving purpose and fulfilment in life comes from giving unconditionally. The feeling is everlasting.

Description:The joy of giving box contains products that are an ideal combination of vibrational blessings, happy feelings and abundance of love and joy. Each product in this box is made from naturally seasoned teak wood. The products are exceptional and meaningful based on the concepts and importance of being mindful and happy.

How to use: Give this box of happiness to somebody on their special occasion or to somebody on your special occasion or give this without a reason too! You could give this to somebody you meet after ages or to somebody you meet every day. This box is here to spread happiness as often and to as many people as possible.

Joy of Giving box Contains:

• Now Cube brings you to the present moment and helps you enjoy this instant with fulfilment.
• Power Band, wear this band to embrace power and protection through the transfer of right vibrations to your inner self.
• Blessing Coin wishes you prosperity and abundance in life.
• Delightful Birds Wishes you happiness! This flight of birds is here to wish you happiness and they hope you do the same to everyone around you; your loved ones and strangers too!
• Mini Bell, ring the bell; take a deep breath and have a mindful moment with self.

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Colour, Material : All products in the Joy of Giving are of Naturally seasoned teak wood
Product Dimension : 140 x 150 x 60 mm
Product Weight : 0.235