Concept: Remember a time when board games were a part of our daily routine? The time before the invention of video games and mobile apps was when the entire family would sit down and hover over a game board for hours together bonding and building memories.

Let us revisit the era of board games! Let’s Ludo!

The ancient game of Ludo originated from Pachisi asks us to sit down with our family/friends, putting a pause to our monotonous routine and giving technology a break. The best part is the fun quotient that Ludo has to offer. It assures bonding, a little laughter and some healthy competition.

Each player is a winner

Everyone gets to relax and detoxify.

We all cherish some bonding and family time.

Creates an aura of love and bouts of laughter!

How to use : A Game for 2-4 players, this game is a combination of luck and skills. The factor of luck is critical since this game revolves around the roll of the dice.

The player has to place all 4 pieces in their respective homes. The player has to roll 6 on the dice to be able to begin the game. Each time a 6 is rolled, the player has a choice to bring in a new piece into the game or navigate the active one. With all other numbers rolled on the dice, the player continues to navigate the active pieces.

If you land on a spot where there is already an existing piece of a different type, the existing piece gets knocked out and goes back home.

Whereas, if the piece lands on a safe spot on his way home, it gets blocked and cannot be knocked out by another player.

Rolling a 6 on the dice gives the player an additional turn. But this is only valid up to 2 consecutive times the player rolls a 6. The third time the turn is passed to the next player.

The game continues till one of the players has all flowers in the pond.

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Material: Wood

Contains: Board + 16 Tokens + Dice

Product Dimension: 152.4 x 152.4 mm

Product Weight: 65 gms

This product is securely packed in Cardboard Box. The packaging is 100% plastic-free Box.