CELL PHONE BASKET Let the mobile rest, You Recharge!


Concept:In spite of the tremendous advantages that mobile phones and technology have to offer, they have become extremely indulging and addictive. The Cell Phone Basket is a humble product with a great intention that promises connection with self and loved ones.

Description: It is an elegant basket made of naturally seasoned teak wood and can store up to 6 phones at a time. This basket is specially designed to store your phones, keep them stable and safe and prevent them from tumbling over.

How to use:- Deposit the phones daily for a few hours in this basket and choose to spend time differently. Spend some time with family, have “in person” conversations with loved ones, read a book or simply share a moment with oneself with close eyes.

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Material : naturally seasoned teak wood
Product Dimension : 190 x 144 x 47 mm
Product Weight : 0.238 Kg

Packaging: wooden box