Penning Mindfully


Concept:‘Connection with self’ is not only essential but also has a lot of benefits on overall well-being. Writing is truly the best way to discover yourself and the Cho Ku Rei Board is a medium that helps you connect with your inner being by expressing your thoughts and feelings through writing mindfully.

Description:Elegant and charming, this board is neatly chiselled out of naturally seasoned teak wood. It has a beautifully inscribed Cho Ku Rei symbol – the most powerful of all Reiki symbols which means ‘Placing all the powers of the Universe here.’

How to use: Cho Ku Rei board gives a new meaning to the art of writing. Unscrew the wooden bolt, put a few sheets of paper and tighten the bolt again. Before penning, run your finger along the Cho Ku Rei symbol. This will help you synchronize yourself with the process. While penning your thoughts, divide your energy into two ¬– dedicate one energy to writing mindfully and the second energy to witness your intention, feel and thought process while doing so. This will make the entire exercise more profound. Start writing and enjoy the journey of connecting with self.

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Colour, Material : Naturally seasoned teak wood
Product Dimension : 338 x 240 x 33 mm
Product Weight : 0.456 Kg