Align with Grace


Concept:The first step towards attracting prosperity and abundance in life is to ‘make room’ for it. In other words, de-clutter your work desk, home or the like. This also means that you are open to have a clutter free mind and a clutter free life.

Description:A desk organizer – ‘Align with Grace’ is made of seasoned recycled teak wood. It features 2 small and one large compartment. One small section is a velvety base and the other has a lid with the auspicious ‘Flower of Life’ symbol hand stitched on it. The Large base compartment has a powerful sacred symbol “flower of life” engraved on it along with a profound affirmation.

How to use:It is created for you to act as a reminder to always be happy. Whenever you use it, read the beautiful quote and feel that you are meant to be happy and draw all good things towards yourself.

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Colour, Material : Naturally seasoned teak wood
Product Dimension : 330 x 220 x 35 mm
Product Weight : 0.438 Kg