A self reflection tool


Concept:Naikan is a Japanese term that literally translates to – introspection, and is a Japanese-Buddhist method and a form of therapy that involves the daily practice of self-reflection. In this method, there are three questions that are to be consciously reflected upon, every 24 hours:

What have I received (or been supported by) today?

What have I done for others in return?

What troubles has my existence created for others?

Naikan enhances the feelings of – gratitude, appreciation, compassion, and empathy; and brings about self-awareness. This conscious practice has the ability to improve lives and relationships.

Description:Naikan is designed to be used as tabletop decor. It is a stack of four wooden blocks, held together by magnets so that they stay in place.

The different shapes of the moon on the blocks represent the daily changes in our life, situations, and states of mind; akin to the daily-changing moon. Each block has a profound question to be reflected upon, daily.

How to use: Spare a few minutes every day (for eg. before bedtime). Ask these questions and seek answers within yourself, considering whoever you came in contact with on that day.

You can also do this practice by thinking about one specific person in your life, at a time. This can help improve your relationship with that person.

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Colour, Material: None

Product Dimension: 130 x 30 x 120 mm

Product Weight: 250 gms

This product is securely packed in Cardboard Box. The packaging is 100% plastic-free Box.