Namaste Coasters
Being one with everything


Concept:Namaste isn’t merely a greeting. It has a deep, divine meaning. Literally, it means ‘The highest in me bows down to the highest in you’. The ‘highest’ here refers to the Divine Life Force Energy or the Supreme Wisdom that runs the entire universe. Essentially, it means not just perceiving someone based on their external features or possessions; but recognizing their soul as a part of one universal existence. It also means that everything that exists in the universe is a part of the whole; and is in oneness with the Supreme Wisdom.

Description:The set consists of 4 coasters, made of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). One has the word ‘Namaste. The other coaster has laser-cut design representing the Flower of Life. It is a symbol of creation and unity of the universe and all life forms.

How to use: You may use the coasters right at the start of the day. Try finding oneness with your favorite morning beverage, with or without a companion at that time. Consume the beverage with complete awareness (feel the flavor, the warmth, the texture and the taste). Enjoy each sip and visualize it becoming a part of you. You may use the coasters for any beverage through the day, in a similar way. Likewise, just seeing the coasters reminds you of the ‘highest’ divinity; and to remain mindful and in oneness through the day.

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Colour, Material: Wooden

Product Dimension: 121.65 x 121.65 mm

Product Weight: 96 gms

This product is securely packed in Cardboard Box. The packaging is 100% plastic-free Box.