Virtues That Bond



The actual strength of the family lies in its bonding and togetherness. This feeling of bonding is an outcome of numerous beautiful virtues like unconditional love,trust, sacrifice and sharing. Needless to say, this bonding is the seed from which harmony and happiness sprout.


‘Toran’ is a Devanagari word that means ‘Dangler’ or ‘Hanging’. This wooden Toran brings to you some essential virtues that spread an essence of happiness in the family.

These are – Appreciation, Gratitude, Love, Prayer, Forgiveness & Acceptance. These virtues are carved on both sides of each wooden triangular piece of the toran in languages – Hindi & English on respective sides.

These are – Appreciation, Gratitude, Love, Prayer, Forgiveness and Acceptance.

How to use:

Hang the Toran anywhere prominently visible at your home, preferably at the door frame.

Choose one or more of the 6 virtues that you would like to consciously practice with your family members every day. For example, ‘We are GRATEFUL always’.

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Colour, Material : Multicolour solid wood panels

Dimension: L-2350 mm Triangles: L- 90 x B-90 x H- 90 mm Quantity : 6

Product Weight : 0.15 kg