Let’s Ludo


Concept: Let us revisit the era of board games! Let’s Ludo!
The ancient game of Ludo originated from Pachisi asks us to sit down with our family/friends, putting a pause to our monotonous routine and giving technology a break. The best part is the fun quotient that Ludo has to offer. It assures bonding, a little laughter and some healthy competition.

Description:This game has a refreshing element and energy added to it, something that pleases the eye. The game board is made of Naturally Seasoned Teak Wood adding a natural component to it. It looks like a dense jungle with lots of different elements of nature. Four animals with different characteristics are currently residing at their respective homes and waiting for the race to begin. Once the game starts, each animal will travel through this jungle and compete to reach the pond (finish line).

How to use: Follow the Rules of the Game!

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Colour, Material : Naturally seasoned teak wood, canvas
Product Dimension : 276 x 280 x 5 mm
Product Weight : 0.307 Kg
Contains : Wooden die and 16 wooden tokens

Product FAQs:

• Is the colour on the ludo permanent?
Yes. The colours are permanent and water resistant.