Heal One and All


Concept:The right words create the right vibrations and the right vibration and energy can easily penetrate our body, healing us at the deepest level of our being. The Mangal Maitri Chant is a prayer that gives an intention to our being, an intention of progress, well-being and healing; An intention to spread happiness within and all around; An intention to cure the planet through the affirmative and powerful vibrations of the words.

Description:The Mangal Maitri Chant Wheel consists of a beautiful stick with a rotating top, both made from naturally seasoned teak wood. The top has the Mangal Maitri Chant, a deep healing and wellness prayer engraved on the outer surface; as well as written on a paper, rolled and inserted on the inside surface to double the impact of the striking words that make up the prayer.

How to use:Rotate the Mangal Maitri Chant Wheel and chant the prayer or repeat the line, Aloud or in thoughts, ‘Mera Mangal, Tera Mangal, Sabka Mangal Hoy Re’ or ‘May I be happy, May you be happy, May all beings be happy’. By doing so, you are sending out positive, happy and healing vibrations to yourself and to the universe. Do this frequently, every day and at any time with mindfulness in a way to solidify peace, prosperity, happiness and wellness within and around you.

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Colour, Material : Naturally seasoned teak wood, Cloth
Product Dimension : 70 x 70 x 215 mm
Product Weight : 0.183 Kg