Connecting to Source


Concept:Meditation, as it is rightly said, is food for the soul! Meditation is a practice that helps us concentrate on the events of the present moment with mindfulness and come to complete stillness by focusing on our breath. It helps us to attain and maintain a peaceful state of mind. It is an effective way to relax our body, calm our mind and find inner peace.

Description:This Meditation Mat gives you the perfect ground and a powerful medium to enhance the virtues of meditation and brings to you nature’s most natural element to enrich your journey to mindfulness. It is made of naturally seasoned teak wood which is known for centuries for its vibrational qualities and healing abilities. This Mat has a root chakra engraved in the centre which helps to enrich the process of meditation.

How to Use:Create a meditation space at home or work where you will not be distributed. Place the meditation mat and sit comfortably, preferably facing east or north. Bring your attention to your breath. Be mindful of the in-breath and out-breath. Do this in a relaxed way. Whenever the mind wanders, gently bring it back to your breath.

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Colour, Material : Naturally seasoned teak wood, canvas
Product Dimension : 600 x 600 x 4 mm
Product Weight : 1.495 Kg