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Moments make our life. In fact, we make our life, one moment at a time. It’s the quality of feel that we carry in the present moment that paves what’s in store for us as future or destiny. Just take a pause. Observe your thoughts in this moment. Are they more of worry, anger, fear, envy or more of love, kindness, awareness and oneness? Wouldn’t it be great if we consciously remain in thoughts feels that make our moments pleasant?

The Wisdom Bell carries a humble intention to make these moments pleasing by nurturing pleasant feels. It has powerful words on it that are to be practiced consciously as many times as one can in a day. The wooden birdie along with it spreads the positive vibe. Experience your feel uplifting instantly as you follow the bell’s command. In fact, it is absolutely worth being bell bound!Gratitude |


Be grateful to welcome abundanceBeing grateful instantly uplifts your vibes. When you’re grateful for something, you’re in a mode of sheer appreciation and acceptance. When you accept and appreciate, life bestows upon you more reasons to be grateful for. The Wisdom Bell reminds you of these two magical words – ‘Gratitude’ and ‘Abundance’. Whenever you see these words, practice them right then and live them for the moment. Practicing gratitude consistently makes abundance flow into your life. Appreciating abundance makes you grateful for all the good things that you have.

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Colour, Material : Metallic copper, copper bells, white cotton threads

Dimension :Thread-300
Bell Height-100
Bell dia-L-55 x B-55

Product Weight : 0.154 Kg